Quang T. Pham

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

Quang T. Pham

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

New Year New Look - Kupp Software announces rebranding after a decade of business

Posted: 01.2022 | Category: Company Branding

Steyregg, AUSTRIA, January 2022 - As our company will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year, we proudly announce the launch of our new branding identity, website, and product logos.


New logo's story - To the Infinity and Beyond 

To begin, we selected our initial letter - "K" - to start the creative process. Then, the infinity sign became our second source of inspiration. The new logo was eventually born and fashioned like a K in an infinity symbol when combining these two concepts. We wanted our mission and vision for Kupp Software to hold no boundaries, be it in the way we execute our services or in the ideas we imagine. We believe the greatest innovations come from the wildest and unlimited imagination.

Why we revitalized our website

We want our readers to easily understand the products/services we offer and provide them with handy learning resources. Additionally, we want to reflect our brand as a modern tech company that keeps up with contemporary trends through our website.



New name, new look for our product line

As of January 2022, we're glad to announce that we're changing our product line's name from KDTooling (Kupp Development Tooling) to Kupp. Our ambition is that when people hear about Kupp, they immediately think of productivity tools for Microsoft technologies. Additionally, it is easier to recall. In order to infuse design consistency and add a fresher look to our products' logo, we will be changing our previous abstract icons to minimalistic letter fonts with the K-illustration at the background.




The new branding identity will help us keep up with the contemporary branding standard, especially in the software industry, and give our users and online visitors a better browsing experience. As we expand, not only do we want to enhance our products and service, but also our brand image.