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Stuck in a tangle of system architecture? Can't pinpoint that system crash issue? Need to train or onboard your team faster? Kupp Process Insights (KPI) is your solution.

KPI is the first-ever platform for best-practice and system architecture analytics, tailored made for Power Platform & Azure. Whether it's code-based or non-code components, KPI analyzes it all. 

KPI also supports a spectrum of top-tier technologies including:


         + many more


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Who is KPI for?

Project Manager

  • Focus solely on best practices and quality reports for top management
  • Address issues without needing to delve into technical details
  • Collaborate easier with architects for technical solutions

Recommended Feature: Report Planner

Technical Architect

  • Instantly understand the system architecture
  • Identify root causes of system errors
  • Ensure project compliance, technical standards and Microsoft's best practices
  • Make well-informed decisions quickly

Recommended Feature: System Visualization



  • Save time on identifying and fixing tech issues
  • Onboard and train new developers easily
  • Distribute knowledge and information effortlessly

Recommended Feature: Best-practice Check


How KPI works

KPI Key Features

Master your system architecture
with process visualization and analysis
across Azure and Power Platform ecosystem.

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System Visualization

KPI visualizes your system's architecture with process diagrams, highlights component dependencies, and provides a clear system view without diving into code.

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Best-practice Check

KPI reports violated behaviors within your systems that go against Microsoft's or industry best practices. It covers wide range of areas like coding, deployment, customizations, configurations, and more

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Performance Analysis

Drawing from context-sensitive best practices and global system knowledge, KPI provides detailed recommendations and deep root-cause analytics for global bottlenecks.

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Docs Generator

KPI generates comprehensive system reports, covering all technical components and adaptable to your specific business needs.

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Report Planner

Schedule system reports to be sent to your email,
receive summary of technical findings, or get
notifications of the latest system changes.

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Resources Hub

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Discover our comprehensive
guides and technical details
to make the most out of KPI.

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Get step-by-step instructions
and expert tips through our
library of how-to videos.

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Check out the most frequently
asked questions from the

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Always be in the Know

Gone are the days of confusion. Explore KPI now, always stay informed, and make better decisions.

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