Deployment Manager 1.2.19101

A blog post by Robert Pröll

Posted: 04.2019 | Category: Releases | Author: Robert Pröll Tags: DEPLOYMENTS DYNAMICS CRM CI/CD DEVOPS ALM

Robert Pröll | .NET Software Architect


  • SourceControl: Get latest version
  • Environments dialog improvements
  • Clone Steps
  • Extended Output-Window
  • UI Improvements
  • Advanced client settings
  • Autodetect empty environment specific values
  • DataTransfer: AutoResolve Attributes
  • Autocomplete for Textfields
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for parallel execution (local)
  • Extended support for unmanaged components

Auto-Detection of missing config values

On-Demand Autocompletion


About the author

Robert Pröll

.NET Software Architect

Key areas of interest: ALM, .NET C#, PowerShell, Azure, Dynamics 365 Tooling

Robert started in the area of ASP.NET projects and has now more than 10 years of experience in the international Dynamics Enterprise business.

He works mainly as a principal software architect at Kupp and as an external consultant for Microsoft.